Reshoring: “For us, the ‘shore’ doesn’t matter!”

“Our colleagues at MULTIFIX Shanghai and the suppliers they have been working with for years move heaven and earth when we ask. You can hardly get that done in other parts of the world. Although Turkey also has a good work ethic. We are now also establishing contacts there. The time-to-market will then be a … Continued

Transportation costs from China: why are they so high?

Chinese New Year The period around Chinese New Year is almost over. The factories will slowly start up again. However, this does not work as it does in the Netherlands. Not everyone starts working again after two weeks. One producer is closed for two weeks, another for four. Employees also come and go at different … Continued

Outsourcing production: “How does MULTIFIX do it?”

“We do not sit in the customers’ chair. For example, if the customers wants us to produce a hinge in China, we cannot judge how much tolerance it may have. That’s something the customer knows best.” How do you help customers with outsourcing their production? “When a customer asks if we van produce their product … Continued

“I’d like to assemble the FreeKickPro® myself just once!”

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. How are you and further developments around FreeKickPro®? “Good,” Antwan says with a smile, as we walk together to the canteen for a cup of coffee. “We’re busy assembling the first model, all the processes involved, and building the 0 series.” He sees me searching for a cup … Continued

“It’s a really fun, commercial role!”

Could you tell us something about the role? “It is a very nice commercial role in which you support both the purchasing and the sales team. In fact, the new candidate will take over all administrative tasks,” says Esther. “For the sales department you can think of entering orders, working out quotations, processing requests in … Continued