Assembly From sub-assembly to end product.

MULTIFIX is the ideal specialist in mechanical and mechatronic assemblies. Would you like MULTIFIX to handle the assembly for you? Or are you ready to leave all the work to us?


Comprehensive process

MULTIFIX takes care of the entire process, from purchasing single parts and stock control to assembly and detailed quality control of manufactured products. The keyword here? Flexibility. Your needs are our greatest priority.

With production facilities in the Netherlands, Eastern Europe and Asia and a team of people each with their own expertise, your production is in good hands. MULTIFIX always aims to find the price-delivery combination that suits you best.

Would you like MULTIFIX to take care of it for you?

In order to offer you the best combination of price, quality and delivery time, we work on the following principle:

  • Initial purchase
  • Acceptance test
  • Assemblies
  • Control of the final product
  • Packaging
  • Stock control
  • Delivery

Initial purchase

MULTIFIX purchases directly from reputable manufacturers. In doing so, they look for the optimum combination of quality and price level.

Acceptance test

Your incoming goods are only released for production after a thorough acceptance test has been carried out.


Your items are assembled by qualified employees.

Control of the final product

Functionality is verified once the parts are delivered. This allows you to assemble the products right away, without requiring any further inspections. MULTIFIX can provide a number for your (sub-)assembly as well as an accompanying measurement report if required.


And of course MULTIFIX will package your products according to the specifications from your organisation.

Stock control

Don't want to have to worry about stock? MULTIFIX provides optimised stock management, allowing you to scale up or down. And enabling you to meet market demand at all times.


MULTIFIX adheres to the principle ‘a promise is a promise’. You can count on excellent delivery reliability and speed.

This approach not only stands for optimum quality and high efficiency, but also enables you to respond efficiently to changing market conditions.


Did you know that MULTIFIX has its own ‘KempenTech’ workshop? The initiative was launched in response to a growing need among companies to cooperate with educational institutions. The goal is to ultimately create better connections between education and the manufacturing industry.

In support of the workshop, an introductory video has been recorded with Dennis and Nina. Getting curious? You can watch the video here.


Interested in what MULTIFIX can do for you?

Want to know more about the assembly options? Then please contact our Product Specialist Assembly, Hein.