Sectors Which branches?

MULTIFIX delivers to customers that are active in a wide range of industries and sectors. This includes the automotive and food processing sectors as well as transport systems, renewable energy, healthcare and agriculture.



The automotive sector includes everything involved in designing, developing, producing and selling cars and other motor vehicles. It is one of the largest economic sectors in the world. MULTIFIX is primarily active in truck and trailer construction. Did you know that, worldwide, every new DAF Truck contains parts made by the company? For example, for attaching spoilers and mudguards.

Food processing

This essentially refers to the industrial processing of agricultural production as well as fish/meat processing. Without the food processing industry, much more of the agricultural yields would be lost to spoilage. MULTIFIX supplies a range of components that are used in innovative solutions in this industry. For example, MULTIFIX fasteners and specials can be found in Marel Stork equipment.

Transport systems

The transport sector includes everything that relates to moving people or goods. Ever used public transport? That's great, because the doors of those buses probably contain systems from Ventura Systems, one of our biggest partners.

MULTIFIX is also active in internal transport systems. For example, it supplies specials and assemblies to Inther Group. It develops logistics systems for warehouses.

Renewable energy

Energy sources that do not get depleted, and are therefore available indefinitely, can also be referred to as sustainable energy. You probably already understand how important they are for our future. MULTIFIX supplies a wide variety of products to a number of major players in this market, worldwide.

It also supplies products closer to home. Lagerwey is a Dutch manufacturer of wind turbines. The studs used to attach the rotor blades of the wind turbines come from MULTIFIX. It's certainly nice to be able to make a contribution in this way!


From conducting research to applying knowledge gained to improve people's health; it all happens in the healthcare sector. Within this sector, we primarily supply companies that help improve comfort for the elderly. This helps them enjoy living at home as much as possible in their older years. MULTIFIX assemblies, for example, can be found in the lifting armchairs from Fitform and specials can be found in the stairlifts from Otolift.

Agricultural sector

Arable farming, horticulture and cattle breeding fall under this sector. It provides raw materials as well as food. MULTIFIX supplies a range of specials and assemblies to companies that produce agricultural machines or other solutions. MULTIFIX assemblies can be found in the equipment from JOZ, and MULTIFIX fasteners are found in the products from VDL Agrotech.


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