Specialist in customised logistics Value Added Logistics.

Prefer to work with a partner who takes all the work off your hands and makes the costs transparent? MULTIFIX brings you a step further with customised logistics. Depending on your requirements, this saves you both time and money. Whether you choose a logistic system, project packaging, set assembly or unique labelling, the reporting is closely monitored and adjusted. The major advantage? You save a lot of work and cut costs!


Logistic systems

A logistic system can be set up for you in a number of different ways. MULTIFIX ensures that you will never be in short supply and that you always have an optimum supply of fasteners. The different logistic systems are:

  • Two-bin
  • Single-bin
  • Scan solution

Set assemblies

MULTIFIX can supply your set assemblies in a variety of ways. The possibilities are virtually endless! For example, your assemblies that belong to another component can also be added to the set. These sets can be used for a project, but can also be included in your standard range.

  • Items
  • Labels
  • Packaging materials
  • Number of sets
  • Production time

Labelling | Package sealing

MULTIFIX can process your orders in a variety of ways. The packaging unit and method of our supplier is used as the basic standard, but one of the options below may suit your organisation better.

  • Neutral packaging (without identifying features);
  • Packaging with specific label or barcode;
  • Seal or zipper bags or in an auto-lock box;
  • Delivery in a packaging medium (plastic container, euro pallet or pallet rim);
  • Private label.

Project packaging

Do you work for a project-based organisation? Then it is most likely important to match the order you deliver to the right product. MULTIFIX can provide your delivery with a specific label to make it instantly clear to your colleagues which project it belongs to. We also offer the following options:

  • Items (from sealed packages) counted out per project upon request;
  • Kitting;
  • Purchase orders delivered split into work units.

Reports | Advice | EDI

By creating reports, MULTIFIX can continuously adjust the logistic systems. This ensures optimised stock levels and the correct (frequency of) deliveries. This translated into a decrease in your workload. You can receive the different documents in a specific file form, allowing you to import them into your own system. And the same applies the other way round! If you are able to send the orders in the above file formats, MULTIFIX can import them for you.


Interested in what MULTIFIX can do for you?

Want to know more about the possibilities in Value Added Logistics? Then please contact our Logistics Manager, Richard.