Nieuws - 29 December 2021 "I'd like to assemble the FreeKickPro® myself just once!"

At the end of 2020, Antwan Rijkers and Machiel Debets signed the partnership with MULTIFIX. This innovation for top soccer, originating from the Kempen region, is almost ready for production. Within MULTIFIX they are busy assembling the first model. Want to know more about this project? Then read on.

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It's been a while since we've spoken. How are you and further developments around FreeKickPro®?

"Good," Antwan says with a smile, as we walk together to the canteen for a cup of coffee. "We're busy assembling the first model, all the processes involved, and building the 0 series." He sees me searching for a cup for his cappuccino and points to the cardboard cups. I look at him questioningly. "I've been here so much lately that I know how to find everything by now. For the past two weeks, I've been working with Dennis Aarts on the trial assembly of the 0 series. It's nice to be able to make a contribution in this process. Of course I would also like to assemble everything myself once, then you know what you are talking about."

"By the way, Dennis is really golden and that without knowing anything about soccer haha! He is very involved and pays attention to the smallest details in this phase. I like that, because it makes the FreeKickPro® better. Machiel and I sometimes say to each other; if you are going to supply the Champions League clubs, you have to be Champions League yourself, in everything. The 0-series is now as good as finished. Now the finishing touches are being put on the electronics and software."

For all the new readers; what exactly is FreeKickPro®?

"The FreeKickPro® is a free kick wall that focuses on the professional training of free kicks. The FreeKickPro® provides match-like resistance on the training field. Clubs and national soccer associations can collect data from every free kick training with FreeKickPro® DATA. This data can then be analyzed with FreeKickPro® ANALYSIS. It gives the staff insights with regard to the matches. Some examples; should a team shoot a free kick directly at goal from a certain spot, or for example opt for a cross? Which player is most successful in training from a certain zone outside the 16 meter area? Which wall position is most successful for a goalkeeper defensively? No staff in the world has these insights, that is about to change with the arrival of the FreeKickPro®."

When will you deliver the first FreeKickPro®s?

"We are very close, but I cannot give a date yet. We are still dependent on a few suppliers and I have found out that there are special things going on with regard to the worldwide supply of goods. What I can say is that no FreeKickPro® will be delivered until it is 100% right. It has to be top notch. The first FreeKickPro®s that literally go into the field are the most important ones for us."

Who are the first customers?

"The first contracts with top clubs have been signed. The Dutch national team (KNVB) I personally find very nice. That is the highest there is in the Netherlands. The best footballers in the Netherlands are preparing for the World Cup in Qatar, to which we will contribute with FreeKickPro®. I'm secretly quite proud of that! We look forward to demonstrating it on the pitch to Louis van Gaal and his players upon delivery."

What is the role of MULTIFIX?

"MULTIFIX is a partner and thereby responsible for the purchasing and stock management of all parts, the assembly of the models, logistics and maintenance. You can feel that the employees involved are enthusiastic about the product. That does me very good!"

Would you like to know more about this project? Then contact Ruud, Sales Manager Assembly, at