A new system at MULTIFIX. What will this mean for you?

Why do we need a new system? The current ERP system is outdated, no longer reflects the services we provide and does not meet our wishes anymore either. This is limiting our ambitions but more than that our service provision too. This is a necessary but drastic intervention for our organisation. Read on for more … Continued

TCO in manufacturing: “This is how I help show hidden costs”

Ruud Willems is Commercial Manager Assembly, he likes to take over production from customers. This does involve a bit of awareness, customers are often unaware of the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ or TCO: “Using an Excel file, I can make all hidden costs visible, which is often very enlightening for the customer.” Why do customers … Continued

Arno Heesters is the MULTIFIX Group’s new CEO

MULTIFIX recently announced that it had been acquired by Navitas Capital. I can imagine that this inevitably involves some changes? “Navitas Capital has come on board, but MULTIFIX remains MULTIFIX. Because of this investment company, we can accelerate our growth and other plans. The course that we have set as a company remains intact. And … Continued

Arnoud Joosten; our new Cost Engineer!

Why was this new department created? “We hope to generate more sales in the future and we want to reduce the workload that this increase in sales will bring,” Edwin begins his story. “We want to increase the percentage of received orders and be able to serve our customer faster.” “To accomplish this, we have … Continued

News article | Connected with Navitas Capital

MULTIFIX is a more than sound company. Why have you chosen an investor? ‘By bringing an investor on board, we can accelerate implementing our strategy. In the years ahead, we want to focus on digitalisation and making our company more international,’ says Arthur Burgmans, director and major shareholder at MULTIFIX. ‘We believe it’s essential that … Continued

Press Release | Navitas Capital acquires a majority stake in MULTIFIX Group

MULTIFIX has more than 30 years of experience in special and other fasteners. The company’s broad product portfolio with over 40,000 items purchased through a network of around 500 high-quality manufacturers. MULTIFIX has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of customer-specific metal and plastic parts, fasteners and related products. Coupled with strong customer relationships … Continued