Sustainable MULTIFIX Our contribution.

MULTIFIX Group stands for being connected. Connected to colleagues, but also to the environment. That is why we have the ambition to carry out our business plan as responsibly as possible. We identify four principles in our CSR policy, which we will briefly explain below.



The people of MULTIFIX are actively involved and that is the strength of our organization. We are proud of that. We are aware that the well-being of our people, directly affects sustainability. That is why we provide a healthy and safe working environment. We encourage personal development and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, we give everyone a chance, including people with a distance to the labor market.


We respect, protect and promote international regulations to protect human rights. Discrimination does not occur here, in any way. We disapprove of any form of child and/or forced labor. Also at our partners.


A more sustainable policy for the environment; that is what we strive for. This includes improving the energy and waste savings plan, as well as recycling waste.


We continue to develop continuously, rolling out our sustainable policy step by step. Our internal working group monitors the progress of concrete actions and integration into business activities. From our (international) partners, we expect actions within the set frameworks of 'MULTIFIX code of conduct'.


Do you have questions and/or comments about SUSTAINABLE MULTIFIX? Contact us at the e-mail address below.