Nieuws - 02 May 2023 Pilot sustainability

In April, MULTIFIX will start the pilot sustainability. By starting this pilot, we are taking the next step, logistically speaking, with our CSR-policy. Ten customers are participating in this pilot; together we will test what works best. Read more about the pilot sustainability below!

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Our motivation

MULTIFIX is connected to colleagues, but also to the environment. That is why we have the ambition to carry out our business plan as responsibly as possible. We also aim to unburden customers as much as possible. These are the two main reasons why we are starting this pilot.

Plastic bins

Normally, we pack orders for the participating customers, in boxes. This involves a lot of work; everything has to be packed (by us), but also unpacked (by the customer). Besides this being a lot of work, it does not fit into the sustainable world we are working towards together. After all, the boxes create quite a bit of waste. The pilot sustainability therefore focuses on order packaging. Whereas we used to use boxes, we are now switching to plastic bins. These are extremely durable, recognizable and ergonomic.

New plastic bins

The benefits

The customer is our priority. This means that the pilot, and its working method, must be workable and desirable for the customer. Switching to plastic bins has several advantages:

  • Sustainability
    Thanks to the substantial waste reduction, plastic bins represent sustainability. In addition, the plastic bins last a long time, which is also sustainable.
  • Intact
    The chances of packaging damage and defects are many times smaller; as plastic bins are very sturdy.
  • Transport
    Transport is easier than with the boxes, partly due to the size of the plastic bins.
  • Ergonomics
    The plastic bins are easy to lift and stack; they are neither heavy nor large. This promotes ergonomics.
  • Time saving
    As less unpacking work is required, this saves time.

We already do a lot about sustainability at our location, such as solar panels and ergonomic workstations. With this pilot, we are taking CSR one step further. Together with the customers, we will examine how we can best use the sustainable plastic bins.

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