Nieuws - 22 May 2023 Holmatro in collaboration with MULTIFIX

T1: all-in-one tool for forcing access in rescue applications. That is Holmatro's new product. To make and assemble the product in the best possible way, they have joined forces with MULTIFIX. Jaap Grootens, project manager at Holmatro, tells more about the collaboration.

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"I have been working as a project manager at Holmatro for over ten years now. It means that I am involved in product developments so that we (continue to) expand our portfolio. This includes the whole process; from the very first idea, until production actually starts. Mostly this concerns products we make in-house. So the collaboration with MULTIFIX is new for us; a whole new journey!"

What exactly does Holmatro do?

"Holmatro is dedicated to supplying innovative hydraulic tools worldwide. In doing so, we have two lines of business: industrial and rescue. We stand for compact products, with lots of power." Jaap enthusiastically explains more about his focus, namely the rescure branch. "We have various target groups. For example, the fire brigade uses our products to rescue people from a burning house or a smashed-up car. In contrast, the police uses our products to solve cases. Think of opening a suspicious garage box."

How did you come to MULTIFIX?

"T1 is a new product; it is five functions in one tool. At the beginning of the project, we started thinking about where we wanted to make the product. After all, we also have our own network and capabilities in China. Then came the thought that this product lends itself well to be outsourced. So we started looking around for a partner. We had visited and talked to several companies, but our choice fell on MULTIFIX. On the one hand, pricewise, and on the other, the experience they have."

What made the choice final?

Jaap remembers it well. "The atmosphere within MULTIFIX and the hands-on mentality that prevails is a perfect match for Holmatro. We didn't know everything yet either, as it is a completely new product. So we are looking for a partner that wanted to join us on the adventure. We needed a real partner who not only executes but also thinks along with us."

How does that work?

"We currently have almost all parts produced in China, under the direction of MULTIFIX. This includes controls. In addition, all assembly takes place in Bergeijk. We find that a big plus; we can switch quickly and easily, but also drop by once if necessary."

What makes the cooperation with MULTIFIX so special?

"Meanwhile, we have been working on this project for about a year and a half." Jaap talks enthusiastically about the cooperation. "What I like is the hands-on mentality and the mindset to reach the finish line. Along the way, we ran into some things, but here is the resilience to solve things and keep going. In addition, we are committed to each other; Dennis, assembler at MULTIFIX, even visited our factory to learn the intricacies from us. Furthermore, I am in weekly contact with Ruud. He is my contact at MULTIFIX. Then we discuss the current situation and coordinate matters." Jaap says that sometimes there have been some hiccups. "Sometimes it takes a bit longer. That has to do with the long distance with China, of course. Occasionally, that is a pity. But, both parties give 100% to make T1 a succes. That's amazing!"

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