“We have strong relationships with our colleagues in Holland.”

“We have strong relationships with our colleagues in Holland.”

“I was in Holland in 2014 to visit the Multifix headquarters, I got a good impression of the company. A lot has changed since then, and I am happy to be part of that.”

Oliver Chen is Quality Manager at Multifix Shanghai for eight years now, he likes working at the company: “My study in Mechanical Engineering really fits my work at Multifix. I know how products are made, so when there are issues, I can often guess the reason and think of the best solution. We like to think ahead and help our suppliers with their improvements.”

When did you start at Multifix?

“I joined Multifix in January 2013 as a Quality Manager. I graduated in 1994 as a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, after which I worked at several Asian and European companies. I really like working at Multifix Shanghai, we have strong relationships with suppliers and the colleagues in Holland, together we make high quality products for the customers.”

“The workforce at Multifix Shanghai is very stable, the internal operation and workflow are very clear for the employees. We have about 40 employees, in various core jobs: purchasing, quality, warehousing etcetera. But we also have support employees, e.g. in HR and transport.”

What is your role at Multifix Shanghai?

“I am responsible for the quality department; our checker team will inspect the incoming goods and engineers will review inspection reports and send them to Multifix in Holland for approval. Sometimes engineers will also check the products by themselves, to be more clear about the quality status. We don’t send anything to Europe before everyone agrees about the quality.”

“Every day we receive new enquiries from our Dutch colleagues, I build them into projects and select the most suitable colleague to run them. We usually do a drawing review for the project: is the drawing clear? Our engineers will check the drawing and I will review it. If there is an issue, we communicate it. Based on the drawing review, we know which suppliers are suitable for the new inquiry. When we get a sample order, we communicate with the supplier for the detail production process and quality control plan, in order to make the sample first time right. We follow up the sample production status weekly and react accordingly.”

“And when we get reorders from Holland, we check if everything can be supplied and if there were quality issues in the past. If so, we remind our suppliers to pay attention to these issues. We also discuss these issues with the team and if necessary, we visit the supplier. Most suppliers are not far away from Shanghai, which means a few hours drive by car.”

“Most communication with Multifix in Holland is through e-mail, but if we are in a hurry, we make a videocall on WeChat. Every Monday we have a project meeting with the Dutch colleagues through video conferencing. We usually discuss what is not clear, for instance information that is missing or unclear from drawings. The communication with the colleagues in Holland is generally quite good, they are very nice to work with.”