“The vacancy of Project Manager at Multifix was perfect for me”

“The vacancy of Project Manager at Multifix was perfect for me”

“As a Project Manager at Multifix I am busy all day, which is what I like. And when I see what is already happening in various projects in the first two months, I can conclude there is more than enough work to do”.

Twan van den Boom has been Project Manager at Multifix for a few months now and he likes his new job: “As Project Manager at Multifix, you’re a spider in the web. I enjoy taking on work and am open to new techniques and materials. I don’t have all the knowledge I need, but you learn quickly here and we complement each other well. I enjoy going to Multifix every day, which says a lot”.


“I did Business&Development for the German automotive industry, at a branch of a Japanese company with 3500 employees worldwide. As a project management agency in the Netherlands, we mainly focused on the ‘niche market’ with engineering, prototypes and pre- and small series production. The standard is very high in the automotive industry. The employer where I worked before that mainly focused on prototyping, but for the consumer market. In the world of prototyping, speed, quality and reliability are important; I now have a lot of experience with that”.

“Fortunately, I can be broadly deployed, which helped me with my application. For example, prototyping and small series production is linked to 3D printing on the one hand, but also to sheet metal, CNC, high-pressure casting, injection moulding and various surface treatments such as lacquering, anodising and powder coating on the other. I worked with producers all over the world using a wide range of techniques. Multifix focuses on much larger numbers than prototyping or small series production, so the practice here is slightly different. But I can still put a lot of my experience to use here.


“Multifix also has samples made, but they are already being made with the final ‘mass’ production technique. So the tools are already at hand for the customer to immediately validate the samples and, if approved, have production started immediately”.

“Many of these tools, such as moulds for injection moulding, are also used in prototyping or small series production, but often not fully automatic or with other tool materials. For smaller runs, the product price is therefore often subordinate to the delivery time”.

“Coincidentally, the day I decided to stop working for my previous employer, I was approached via LinkedIn about the position of Project Manager at Multifix. I did not yet know Multifix personally, but I was glad they had found me. I had consulted with my wife; I wanted to take my time to find the right job, but it turned out differently, haha. The vacancy seemed very interesting to me, even though I didn’t know anything about most of the Multifix product range at that time”.


“I wanted to do less sales, so the vacancy for Project Manager really appealed to me. I did project management as a sideline activity at my previous employer and at my first employer I was Project Manager for a long time. At the end of the day, this job works best for me.”

“I had my first interview at Multifix with Pieter Bierens and Hans van Herk, it appealed to me that the work and product package is so versatile. Not only fasteners, but also all kinds of different metal treatments, production techniques and plastic products, which I happen to know a little bit more about”.

“The daily contact with China is also nice. Communication with Chinese is a bit more difficult from time to time, so as a project manager you have to clearly formulate what you need. When you see how quickly and expertly they work at Multifix Shanghai, you can conclude that Multifix has established something very beautiful there. It’s nice to be a part of it. Under normal circumstances, you are also allowed to go to China regularly to see your colleagues and production, but at the moment I only e-mail and call my Chinese colleagues.


“Very well. When I had the first conversation, I immediately had a good feeling about it, it felt familiar. Apart from Hans and Pieter, I work a lot with Arnoud Joosten in the project management team and Mark van Casteren of quality, unbelievable how much knowledge these guys have. I also have a lot of contact with purchasing and sales. It’s hard work, but also fun. You can give your opinion, everyone is there for each other and there is a lot of laughter”.

“The company itself is also nice, a flat organisation where the employee is at the center. I saw on the website that there is little staff turnover, that speaks volumes, of course. I think they are stuck with me here for a long time.”