Studs for wind turbines: “The lines with MULTIFIX are short”

Studs for wind turbines: “The lines with MULTIFIX are short”

“The relationship with Multifix is very good, it’s nice doing business. Of course there are problems at time, but they are usually resolved. A good party to work with”.

Erwin van Polen is a buyer at wind turbine builder Lagerwey, he has been working more and more intensively with Multifix for years: “Your subsidiary Windfix, with which we do most of our business, is a direct part of the holding company. The lines of communication are short, which has many advantages”.

What does Lagerwey do with the studs of MULTIFIX?

“Lagerwey develops and produces wind turbines, and we try to lead the way in the market. Founder Henk Lagerweij is already in his seventies, but still comes up with new ideas every day. This innovative culture also makes the work fun and interesting. For example, we developed a ‘climbing crane’, which helps to erect the wind turbine. The lower parts are built with a conventional crane, the rest with the climbing crane”.

“To build a 135-metre mast, we used to need 90 lorries, but now we only need 9. That makes a big difference in costs: you have to hire the cranes, they have to be dismantled, moved and erected often. Even if the wind turbines are close to each other. In this way, you can also build in difficult places such as on dikes and the top of a mountain, but also much higher up. There are not many cranes in the world that can build the highest masts of 166 metres. Because they are so scarce, you can imagine how expensive these cranes are and how long you have to wait for them”.

How do you work with MULTIFIX?

“Multifix supplies parts for our Direct Drive generator, which is driven directly by the blades. The blades are mounted on the hub, on which the generator is directly mounted. In this way you no longer need long axles that need to be lubricated, so the ‘nacelle’ can be built more compact, which means less maintenance and less risk of fire”.

“Our Direct Drive generator mainly contains studs from Multifix, but Multifix also supplies other fasteners for other Lagerwey turbine components. When I joined Lagerwey, we were reducing the number of suppliers, we were therefore looking for someone who could supply both large studs and small bolts. Multifix was already supplying here at the time, but not as intensively as it does now”.

With whom do you interact the most at MULTIFIX?

“The contacts at Multifix are mainly Willem Weijers and Arno Heesters, they also visit us regularly whenever possible. The contact is very pleasant and the short lines are helpful. The reliability and speed of Multifix are also good. Of course sometimes things go wrong, but that is always neatly resolved. The big studs come from Multifix’s own factory in China, because of the long distance and the sea transport you sometimes have to wait a bit longer”.

“Multifix is a nice party to work with, not every party works that easily. No nonsense, just say what you mean. Whether it’s good or bad, just say it. That’s what they do and it’s pleasant to work with. I can work well with a partner like that”.

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