Your partner in Solar

Solar energy can be described as radiant light and heat from the sun. This energy, along with secondary forms such as wind- energy, tide- energy, water strength and biomass covers more than 99.9% of all renewable energy on earth.

Multi-Fix group is a major global player in wind energy for many years. Because wind and solar energy are closely linked, another subsidiary called Multi-Fix Solar was found to focus on this other form of green energy.

Multi-Fix Solar is your complete supplier in mounting systems for solar energy. Besides these complete mounting systems we take care of all conceivable loose components. Multi-Fix Solar focuses on complete projects in domestic and foreign markets.

Our range consists of reputable, high quality products. By this quality guarantee, Multi-Fix Solar ensures that you obtain the maximum output from the sun.

The basic principles of Multi-Fix Group also apply here. Our customer is the key element at all times. We are able to guide you both technical and logistical perfectly, and deprive you from any burden.

More information about Solar?

More information about Solar?

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