Sales support for MULTIFIX: “I  want to evolve”

Sales support for MULTIFIX: “I want to evolve”

“In the years that I have worked at Multifix, I have always grown along with the company. After all, you have to keep developing. For example, I was asked to join the working group for the new ERP system; it is nice that I am involved in this. You also learn a lot from that.”

Esther Wouters has been supporting sales at Multifix for 23 years, each time in different roles. She likes to learn: “You can also sit back and do your time, but I’m not like that.

How did you end up at MULTIFIX?

“When I came here 23 years ago, there were only about 20 people working here. I responded to an advertisement, a vacancy for sales support. I was still working for a logistics company in Eindhoven at the time, but they were moving to Veghel and I thought that was too far.”

“I ended up at Multifix and I liked it, it fitted like a glove. I got on very well with my new colleague Bianca, for example. You immediately felt at home at Multifix, because of the ‘village character’. Even though I didn’t know anyone at the time, I immediately had a good feeling. You were put at ease right away.”

“Since then, Multifix has also grown considerably, with more and more sales colleagues and supporters. I’ve also seen clients on a regular basis, not really as a sales person, but as a kind of internal sales employee. Eventually, we started working with Sales teams, and I joined the team with Willem Weijers and Hein Rommers. I’ve been working with them for a long time now, and that’s going well.

What do you like most about your work?

“The nice thing about my job is the variety, especially since we started with the New Business Team. Every day is a surprise. In the beginning it took some getting used to, I also had to hand over clients. But it’s still challenging, we have a small group that gets along well with each other. That also makes it fun to work here.”

“My tasks are mainly processing quotations and orders, handling complaints, drawing up contracts, and increasingly also supporting Assembly and Windfix. And doing everything Willem doesn’t do, haha. Actually all-round, in the field of sales support. Especially the contact with customers is fun, I talk to them about orders, delivery times, quotations, samples and of course complaints. All daily things.”

“Most contact with customers these days is via e-mail, especially with customers from the Specials department. Their buying processes are longer and more complex than for buyers of fasteners, who simply call with an order. If I can do more for Assembly in the future, the challenge will be even greater. If you have been working here for 23 years, you would like some variety. And that’s what I get.”