“Sales at Multifix Shanghai is a challenging job, I like it”

“Sales at Multifix Shanghai is a challenging job, I like it”

“Multifix is a great company to work for, it provides a good working environment and the colleagues are nice. We work together, my main contact within our organization is with the purchase and quality department.”

Sarah Song is working at the sales department of Multifix at Shanghai, she has a good relationship with her colleagues in Shanghai and at the head office in Bergeijk. According to Sarah, this improves her work: “For instance, if there are any customer complaints, they are quickly tackled with the help of my colleagues. Customers are happy with our service.”

How long have you been working at Multifix?

“I have been working at Multifix for more than five years now. I started at Customer Service and after two years I was promoted to Sales. My job is to increase the sales within Asia and the USA by searching for new customers on the internet, visiting exhibitions or getting contacts through our networks. Since 2020 we started to focus more on the markets outside China and already we were able to hire a sales person for the Middle Eastern market. We are now focusing on finding more people who can help us to grow the business outside China. Our customers are from very different sectors, wind energy companies for instance but also food processing and automotive.”

“Most of my local customers are located in and/or around Shanghai, I usually visit them by car. For those customers who are located far away, I have to travel by plane or train. Train rides are often 5-6 hours, in a high-speed train. I usually take the first train and come back in the evening, but sometimes I have to spend a night in a hotel. Especially when I combine several customer appointments.”

What did you do before Multifix?

“Before I started at Multifix, I was a Purchaser for eight years. Sales is very different from purchasing, it is more challenging and gives you a higher pressure to achieve your targets, but I like it. My education background is technical, I studied Electronics and Machinery at the University.”

“This background helped me a lot during my career and helps me while doing my job for Multifix. In my previous job as a purchaser I was able to give advice to customers as well as colleagues, based on my technical background. Also in my current job at Multifix it helps when you have a technical background”.

How is the cooperation with the colleagues at Multifix?

My colleagues are divided over two countries, the contact with the colleagues in the head office in Bergeijk is mostly through e-mail, while the contact with the colleagues in China is more personal. For communication with the Netherlands we use e-mail and have regular videocall meetings, sometimes we use WeChat (the Chinese WhatsApp) for quick communication.”

“We also cooperate with the salespeople in the Netherlands, for instance when we share customer information. Various international customers have contact with both the head office in Bergeijk and with us here in Shanghai, since they will have an office or factory in China as well.”

What does your working day look like?

“When it is a normal working day in the office, I will arrive early to avoid the heavy Shanghai traffic. By arriving early I reduce my travelling time from 1 hour to 30 minutes. Normally I arrive before 08:00 AM.”

“When I have an appointment with a customer in the Shanghai area, I go directly from home to visit the customer. After the visit, if the time allows it, I will return to the office. If it’s needed to take the train or a plane to visit customers further away, I will also travel directly from home.”

“We have a one hour lunch break each day, most people take a walk then. But every Friday the company provides lunch, you can order whatever you like. We eat at the same table, it’s nice to do this together with my colleagues.”