“The open positions are incredibly fun!”

“The open positions are incredibly fun!”

“I am Arend Ax, recently I moved to Duizel. I started my career at Intertoys and later worked for Manutan/Overtoom. Actually always in sales related positions. Since three years I work with great pleasure for MULTIFIX. I can’t make it any shorter,” he says.

What kind of position do you hold?

“I am a Sales Representative within the Fastener team. In this role, the customer relationship is key. I think it’s very important to visit existing customers regularly. It ensures that you build up a good relationship. I also do this with new customers, by the way. If any problems arise, I work with my colleagues in the office to find a suitable solution for the problem. The moment I make a promise to my customer, I also want to deliver on it. Sometimes that is difficult. At the moment there is a lot going on in the industry that makes it difficult. Steel prices are rising and delivery times are a lot longer. Good, honest communication is key! Actually, the hectic nature of the business makes it interesting,” he adds, laughing.

I heard that you made sure that MULTIFIX works with a CRM package. Can you tell us something more about that? What do you do with it?

“Right! It is important to have and keep a complete picture of the customer. Especially because of the different branches. Because we offer the customer both Fasteners, Specials and Assembly, the customer has to deal with different people within the organization. Then a good CRM system is crucial! Everyone can see all the information. You know who has communicated what and which agreements have been made. It’s nice that everyone is up to date on everything this way.”

There are two open positions. What kind of candidates are you looking for?

“As a ‘Sales Support’ employee, it is important that you work meticulously. A quotation may not contain any mistakes, of course. Within MULTIFIX we work with KPIs per department. It is therefore nice to be a team player! We achieve our goals by working together. Although everyone also has their own personal KPIs. We will soon be switching to another ERP system, which will also include a new CRM package. It’s nice if someone can develop with that.”

“The ‘Sales Representative’ must be able to work well independently within his role, but also be a real team player. He or she is responsible for the order, which is then further processed by the rest of the team. So you have to understand the importance of your colleagues. I wish the new colleague every success, but he or she must also be able to cope when things go wrong. You have to be able to turn the switch. Especially with the customer. A negative mindset can be felt by the customer and you don’t want that. In short, a team player who can put things into perspective.”

How do you like it at MULTIFIX?

“It really is a flat organization. Everything is open for discussion and everyone offers a listening ear for any business issues that may arise. You can always spar with someone. I was born ‘above the rivers’ and later moved to Brabant for my former employer. It took me a while to get used to the Brabant mentality, but I soon succeeded. All in all, a very nice family business! We still have two different positions open, so you know what to do!”

Want to know more about the two open positions? Then click here. Do you have a question for Arend? Then contact him at Arend.Ax@multifix.nl.