“The new candidate comes to work within an ambitious company”

“The new candidate comes to work within an ambitious company”

“MULTIFIX clearly sets out it’s mission, vision and strategy. We know which way we want to go. The new candidate will come to work within an ambitious company, with a healthy position in the market that also has plenty of opportunities to offer. The job is also very interesting in terms of content; you can always talk about new opportunities.”

Hein Rommers is a Sales Representative at MULTIFIX. We spoke to him about his career and the opportunities and developments within his field.

Tell us something about yourself?

“I am Hein Rommers. In 1999 I started at MULTIFIX in the Sales Department. At that time we only sold fasteners. MULTIFIX Specials were soon added. That meant that from that moment on we also started sourcing production parts in China, a very interesting addition to the existing package. Then I also started selling that. Last year I added Sales Assembly to that. Now I basically do all three facets within the New Business Department. A lot of fun!”

“When I look back on my career I have actually always worked in similar roles. After VWO I started studying Commercial Economics at the HEAO. From there I started working at Brabant Pers Dagbladen as a newspaper representative. I did this for about five years. I thought it was time for a new challenge and then I started working as a brand manager for a copy chain. There I was also responsible for customer relations. After two years, I started working for MULTIFIX.”

What are you looking for in a new candidate?

“It has to be someone who is easy to talk to at the table. From board members to purchasers and everything else that connects in a conversation. Strategic insight is a plus; it has to be someone who understands the impact certain choices can have on a company and the people who work there. We are looking for someone who has an analytical mind. Quick to switch gears conversationally and also thinking technically, at all possible levels! A relevant network is nice! A technical background is less relevant, but it helps if you have technical insight or experience. Knowledge can of course be brushed up on. Actually, it should be a commercial strategist who has an affinity with technology.”

“It does help if you bring a bit of reliability and authenticity!”

How do you develop as a company?

“It actually all starts with the corporate goals set by the management. From there, an ambitious multi-year plan has been laid down. A large part of the growth and turnover will have to come from New Business. In terms of objectives, therefore, there are already sufficient challenges for our new candidate.”

“Also in terms of Assembly and Specials there are still numerous opportunities. We are not in a market that is exhausted. There is an increasing need to outsource assembly and component production. Outsourcing to Asian countries therefore remains as attractive as ever, as does the service we can offer with our assembly capabilities! The market is very large, there remains much to gain.”

“MULTIFIX clearly sets out it’s mission, vision and strategy. We know which way we want to go. The new candidate will be working within an ambitious company, with a healthy position in the market that also has plenty of opportunities to offer. The job is also very interesting in terms of content, you can always talk about new opportunities.”

Do you use tools from a marketing point of view?

“Yes definitely, I was allowed to help build that in cooperation with the marketing department. The metal industry is very conservative. With the sales department, we have to take quite a few steps to stay modern. The transition from a paper sales folder to digital presentations and LinkedIn or other social media was quite a challenge. It gives you a head start if you use these resources. If you continue to think old school, you will ultimately miss out on successes. I enjoy being able to contribute to these concepts. If you are a part of it as a sales person, it’s not a separate action, but they are really tools that you develop together. We know what is going on, what the market needs and what we need. If you can come up with good tools for that together, you bring two worlds together.”

“We are now being given tools that we can use. Much more than we ever had before. You have to make these your own as a sales person. If you are carpenter and have a toolbox with you, but only use the hammer, you will not get anywhere. Of course it helps if you can see the added value of it. That is also a kind of fingerspitzen geful. You have to know when to use a tool, with which person and at which moment. I don’t think you can learn that, you have to master it. The marketing tools must feel like a warm jacket to you. That sounds very philosophical of course, but that’s how it is! That is an interaction. Marketing has to get feedback from sales as well, of course. It has to reinforce each other.”

What do you love about your job at MULTIFIX?

“Over the years you build up something; a network, but also product and market knowledge. You actually become a knowledge carrier within the market in which you work. MULTIFIX as a company is enormously ambitious. We started with fasteners and developed from there. You notice that in everything. Not only the package we have to offer is becoming more and more interesting, but also the conversations with customers. I often sit around the table with board members, purchase managers and strategic buyers. Discussions are about strategic choices and decisions. That is very different from what I was doing with just the fasteners. I have been able to develop in my position. Not only on a conversational level, but also in terms of conversation techniques. Last but not least. MULTIFIX is a very healthy company with a real no nonsense culture. The mission and vision that have been set suit me. Those things keep me at MULTIFIX.”

Do you have a question for Hein or would you like to inquire about the possibilities? Then contact him at Hein.Rommers@multifix.nl.