“My ICT-job at MULTIFIX makes the circle round”

“My ICT-job at MULTIFIX makes the circle round”

“I recently saw a stairlift being measured with 3D glasses from Microsoft, the HoloLens. In this way, the buyer could also watch what the stairs will look like in the future; which is called mixed-reality. ICT has suddenly become a customer experience. As Multifix, in the future we will be able to ‘informatively facilitate’ ICT applications such as these, but we will also be able to use them ourselves in logistics and production, with the data we already collect in the supply chain anyway. ”

Oscar Alstede has recently become ICT & Housing Manager at Multifix, he was already working for the company in a different job and has a background in ICT. His hands itch: “If you see what we collect and share in the field of data in the business process, that’s quite something. For example, how we help the customer with logistics solutions or in selecting the best suppliers. A lot of potential in the ICT field, great opportunities”.

What are you going to do in your new position?

“I’m responsible for housing and ICT, these days that’s very much related, of course. In the field of ICT, I’m going to first look at what’s available now, then what’s needed. There are many developments in society at the moment, such as cyber security. Working from home certainly presents many challenges in this area. But you can also think of teleworking using public apps or channels. We have recently started to use Teams for secure remote working, also with customers and suppliers”.

“At the new location of Multifix Assembly in Bergeijk, we immediately provided a good firewall and a separate guest Wi-Fi. That was a prelude to the next level. In our network, we screen the company’s own equipment from the devices that visitors bring along, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones”.

“We are also actively working on cyber security. In this way, colleagues will continue to receive a training on security. After all, security goes further than not clicking on every link. Of course we are doing a lot more, but we are keeping that indoors for now. We are constantly innovating to reduce the risks and to keep the infrastructure at the most recent level”.

Do you have any other challenges in ICT?

“Yes, there will be a big opportunity in the field of ERP, the digital backbone of the company. We are now investigating Microsoft’s cloud solution. With a group of core users, a cross-section of the company’s departments, we are selecting the best supplier. Such an ERP transition quickly takes up to two years, so you need to have a good click”.

“ICT investments can be focused more and more on the cloud, that’s how you standardise and in the future you only pay a monthly fee per user for many things. This way you can easily scale up and down, which makes us agile and flexible. It also gives you a good overview: you can control the costs and processes. After all, customers, but also suppliers and partners, find it increasingly normal that everything is done digitally. They want – just as you do privately with a webshop – to be able to follow the entire process from their system.

You have a background in ICT yourself?

“I have been working in ICT since the 1980s, when Windows did not yet exist. I experienced the migration from the typewriter, card box and bank book to the PC with printer. Later they became networks, branches had to be linked together”.

“Via the government and small and medium-sized businesses, I ended up as a programme manager in IT outsourcing at EDS, an international company. There I led the application services outsourcing, including within ABN AMRO Transaction Bank. At Achmea I was programme manager in the Business Intelligence Competence Center. At Teradata, I then went from data warehouse programmes to the Professional Services management of integrated marketing automation, also cloud. Really nice!

“In a few years time I think it will be more and more about ‘business persona’ applications, robotisation of processes and HoloLens implementations. So a lot of data and cloud, just look at the speed with which data centres are being built”.

How did you end up with MULTIFIX?

“After a sabbatical, I came into contact with Multifix Assembly, and if you see what I’m going to do now, I’ve come full circle. When Multifix Assembly moved from Geldrop, my workplace only moved closer to my home. I originally grew up in Rotterdam and have lived in Eersel in Brabant since I was 55 years old”.

“What I like about Multifix is the personal aspect, everyone gets on well with each other. The culture is good, and so is the attitude of the employees. The family culture also appeals to me. As a ‘Rotterdammer’, you’re used to saying what you think, but fortunately that’s appreciated here. We laugh a lot and work hard. I have found my place.”