“Multifix relieves our production concerns”

“Multifix relieves our production concerns”

“We have been actively working with Multifix for over a year now, but the first talks on taking over the production of bed frames started two years ago. I can see that it’s a process that suits Multifix, it costs them much less effort. Especially the administrative process and the logistics were far too complicated for us. We had to keep hoping that all parts would arrive on time; production could get stuck on the lack of just one screw”.

Jeroen Hofhuis is Operations Manager at retailer and home furnisher Well-Fair, he is in regular contact with Multifix about the production of frames: “Multifix is really a ‘caring’ party, we can leave all of our worries to them. All I have to do is call out a frame, instead of 100 parts”.


“Well-Fair is a specialist in the field of living independent at home for a longer time, in the most comfortable way possible. We offer customised solutions in the areas of sleeping comfort, sitting comfort and wellness, such as beds and chairs. Of course, our 80 employees have a lot of work to do with all these customised solutions, but we believe that we can offer our customers something truly unique.

“When it comes to sleeping comfort, for example, we supply a tailor-made mattress. This makes us very distinctive, other brands often only give a choice between, for example, soft, medium or hard. Our ‘Unique Selling Point’ is that we can offer a high-quality mattress that also has all the support in the right place, so that it fits your body”.


“We have special ‘size specialists’, who drive around the country with a large van filled with various examples from which a customer can choose. Together with a scientist, we have developed special tools for measuring chairs and beds. This results in a unique ‘recipe’ that can be used to calculate the exact dimensions of the chair, or the layout of the mattress. This is then sent to our production department, which produces the chairs and beds completely to size per order”.

“At Hotel De Hoeve in Nunspeet we have our own ‘wing’ in which the rooms are fully furnished with Well-Fair products. We call this the ‘experience world’, actually it is the largest showroom in the Netherlands in this field. People can spend the night there, as part of a two-day trip with all kinds of fun outings. They then sleep in a Well-Fair bed, and sit in a Well-Fair chair. The shower area is also furnished with Well-Fair products.”

“The uniqueness of this experience is that customers can test and experience the products in peace and quiet, without a shop owner following you around. This formula is received very enthusiastically, because a large part of our target group no longer has the energy to spend a long day strolling along a furniture shopping center. And of course, after a full day of strolling through all those shops, every bed is comfortable!”

“In addition to this overnight stay, we also offer the opportunity to visit the customer at home by one of our home service employees. This offers a solution for people who, for example, are no longer able to walk or have poorer health”.


“I am primarily responsible for all product development. All new wishes and requests go by me. I look for a suitable solution or producer for the requested product and take care of the further development and implementation. In addition, I am responsible for production, together with Multifix, among others. Finally, I am also ultimately responsible for our service department. The service is very closely linked to product development, because we get most of the input for this from the field”.

“Service is a very important part of the company for us anyway, to which we pay a lot of attention. A real ‘service experience’ is very important to our customers, which is why we must continue to monitor the independent character or impartiality of this department. Of course, something can go wrong with a product or a delivery, but you can make a difference in how you deal with it. As a result, our service is above average and we go to great lengths in our pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction throughout the entire life cycle of our products”.

“That this formula is successful, can be deduced from the fact that we have many returning customers. Some customers have already furnished their entire house with Well-Fair products and solutions! It really feels like a kind of community or club that our customers would like to belong to”.


“I am mainly in contact with Ruud Willems about the broad outlines of the projects. In the area of production, I mainly contact Toon Vercammen and Niels Weijers. That contact goes well, I can always get hold of them and we can handle everything in a professional manner. Challenges are always there of course, it’s mainly about how you deal with them; we have the same goal in mind”.

“Nothing but praise for Multifix, so we are now looking at what else we can outsource. We are simply making the relationship stronger.”