“Multifix gives a lot of trust to the colleagues in Shanghai”

“Multifix gives a lot of trust to the colleagues in Shanghai”

“I really love my job at Multifix, I have been working here for eight years now and want to work in this position till I retire. We get a lot of freedom, flexibility and respect from the head office in Holland, and working with my colleagues is great.”

Lin Xie is Purchasing Manager at Multifix Shanghai, she is very satisfied with her employer, but also with her colleagues: “We understand each other well, which is very important. The colleagues of Multifix in Holland send us detailed requirements, but they give us a lot of freedom to fulfill our task. We have the right to give our opinion, we all feel we have an important position at Multifix.”

How did you get into contact with Multifix?

“I studied Logistics Supply Chain Management in Rotterdam 12 years ago, I got a visa for Holland. It was the right place to study logistics, because it is one of the strengths of Holland. And of Rotterdam of course.”

“After my graduation, I worked for a Dutch company where I did the purchasing and marketing in China for about six years. The job required me to stay in Holland for months in a row every year, so in 2012 I started looking for another job. I came into contact with Multifix, their offer was perfect for me. I still need to travel, but usually only short trips to suppliers near our office in Shanghai.”

Your job is a good fit with your study?

“My supply chain study was relevant for my job as a Purchasing Manager, even though purchasing is only part of the supply chain. I have been a Purchasing Manager for all my years at Multifix. I manage the purchasing team, but our organization is not very hierarchical. My colleague Oliver and I are responsible for a lot of daily management tasks, but we give our colleagues a lot of freedom to do their job.”

“I have a lot of contact with my suppliers. We work with more than 100 suppliers, but 36 are very important and we have close relationships with the top 5. It is very important to be friends with them, so they want to help you when you need them. You need to trust them like your trust a friend. Their cooperation is very important, for instance when orders are too small, very demanding or require quick delivery. You need to respect them, and they need to respect you.”

How does your workday look?

“I live in Shanghai myself, but I still have to travel 40 minutes to the office, excluding traffic jams. I usually start the day with a couple of phone calls and chats with colleagues. I usually have a lot of emails to read, sometimes even 200 or more. Most of the communication with the colleagues in Holland is through e-mail.”

“We have no break till lunch, but then we have one hour off to eat inside or outside the office. The working day ends around 5.30pm, but usually I stay longer. Most of my days are like this, although sometimes we have to visit suppliers. We have a company car for that, often we have to drive for three hours but it is still the fastest way to travel.”

“Most people I talk to are surprised that I have been working at Multifix for eight years now, but I like the challenges, they keep my work fresh. Multifix keeps giving me new jobs. I am now more confident about my work than when I started, I worked hard during the years and I know the company appreciates this. The colleagues of Multifix don’t do politics, they do their jobs. We don’t argue, we talk about problems. It works for me.”