“Unburdening and helping, that’s the power of MULTIFIX”

“Unburdening and helping, that’s the power of MULTIFIX”

Daan Rothengatter is Tactical Purchaser at door supplier Metaflex, he buys his fasteners in packages that contain exactly the fasteners of one door: “In this way Multifix takes care of us, and we take care of the mechanics.”

“Multifix supplies us with assembled packages: sets consisting of ‘custom made’ parts, semi-manufactured products and fasteners that we deliver to the customer, together with our doors as a complete package. The mechanics who have to install or maintain the door then have it all together”.

What kind of doors does Metaflex supply?

“We are the global market leader in airtight door systems, our speciality. Our door stays close even at higher atmospheric forces, for example at airlocks in hospitals. In addition, it is also the ideal solution for refrigeration and freezer doors (see separate company description at the bottom of this article)”.

“The company started 40 years ago, at that time with a wider range of products. Over the years we have specialized in doors. We have factories in the Netherlands and India, and we supply all over the world. At Metaflex in the Netherlands we work with almost 70 FTE, in India around 170.”

What is your role at Metaflex?

“I am a Tactical Purchaser, I translate strategic purchasing into operational purchasing activities and vice versa. Among other things, I am responsible for inventory, supplier management, item management, contract management, you name it. In addition, I am co-responsible for making the plans to meet the set goals of the organization and of course co-responsible for achieving those goals”.

“I have been with Metaflex for two years now, I have traditionally been an electrical engineer and have even specialised in retail as a buyer. Seven years ago I started specialising again in purchasing for the manufacturing industry. And I like that, my technical knowledge is of added value in my profession. A Metaflex door is so much more than just a door, which makes that I have a great time at Metaflex”.

How is the relationship with MULTIFIX?

“Metaflex has been working with Multifix for years. We started buying fasteners, later we started ordering composite packages. The idea of Multifix behind ‘unburdening’ is good and so are the deliveries. Because we are a project organization, a good forecast for the needs of the products is always a challenge. Sometimes we miss out on stock. Multifix is often able to respond adequately and produce quickly in China, but because of the transport costs, this can be higher”.

“At Multifix, we mainly have contact with Dirk van Empel; at the moment, I also have a lot of contact with Richard Wijnen. Hein Rommers is mainly our contact with strategic subjects. At the time, he came up with the idea of the assembled packages and we are now talking about a different stock system. In this way we are constantly improving each other.”

“Metaflex recently embraced a number of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, including Goal 8 on decent work. In doing so, we are also looking at our suppliers. Multifix fits in nicely with these goals by means of their social workplace in Brunssum and fair wages for employees in China. At that level, too, we fit well together”.

What does Metaflex do?
Metaflex is the global market leader in airtight door systems and automation for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries and has production locations in the Netherlands and India. Our door solutions are used in operating theatres, clean rooms, laboratories and refrigerated areas in the food industry. Solutions that are known for their exceptional safety, reliability and durability.
In order to be able to deliver the best doors, we are constantly up to date with the developments, rules and guidelines in the sectors to which we supply. By listening intensively and working together, we are able to give our customers what they need: Absolute Reliability. In all respects’.