Kim Rommers: “I really like working at MULTIFIX”

Kim Rommers: “I really like working at MULTIFIX”

“I always try to identify problems before they arise, afterwards it becomes a lot more difficult. That’s also in my nature, I’m quite perfectionist. But I also learned a lot in this area from my manager Rob Hoeks, he’s also like that”.

Kim Rommers does Sales Support at Multifix, she mainly supports sales with current customers. And in doing so, she works very precisely: “I check everything I get from customers, so that there are certainly no mistakes. So I regularly speak to customers, but as soon as things get too complex, my sales colleague takes over”.

What exactly does your job involve?

“I do the sales support on the existing business, all administrative tasks and contact regarding the orders of existing customers. So I support the office and sales representatives, including the administration. I also have a lot of contact with customers, especially about orders, deliveries, adjustments and other questions. Rob gives his employees the freedom to do that.”

“I can work well with Rob, he gives his opinion but lets me try it myself. That is the culture at Multifix anyway, you are stimulated to try and pick things up. I like the company, I’ve been working here for a year and a half now and it’s my first job. I like the colleagues very much, the culture is quite informal, which works very well for me. I have the feeling that I am allowed to do a lot myself and where necessary I can always ask a colleague”.

What eductation did you do for this?

“I did the school for Site Manager Wholesale, nowadays this is called business administration MBO. That also covers it better, because it is also broader than you would expect, given the name. I made a conscious choice for this, I find the procedures in a company interesting, as well as the commercial side. So now I’m in a good position, as far as my job is concerned. My father Hein has been working at Multifix for a long time, and I heard from him how things work here and what’s going on. And about the atmosphere. That’s why I did my internship at Multifix, the company immediately appealed to me.

“Working with your father as a colleague took some getting used to in the beginning. But on the other hand, as a newcomer, it’s nice to know someone in the office. Several colleagues already knew me from my father’s stories. Actually, I have never been bothered by them, but I am still glad that I am in a different department and that we both do our own thing. Of course I see him a lot outside working hours”.

What do you like about your work?

“I especially like the people I work with. But I also enjoy helping clients, answering their questions and feeling that I’ve done my best for them. The work is very varied, much more than just entering orders. Every day is different. One moment you’re up to date with your work and an hour later everything is upside down again, haha.

“Corona makes the work different now. My customers will not notice it, but working from home is not ideal for me. I prefer to be at the office to be able to discuss things right away. I also miss the social contact, which I find difficult. I am happy if I can go to work again for a day, that really feels like an outing, haha”.