MULTIFIX: Official partner of FreeKickPro®

MULTIFIX: Official partner of FreeKickPro®

At the end of last year the contract was signed! So it’s official: Multifix is a partner of FreeKickPro®!

That Multifix has a great love for sports is no news. After all, we have been the sponsor of FC Eindhoven for years. So it was time to take a new direction! We are now a partner of FreeKickPro®. This is an initiative of Antwan Rijkers and Machiel Debets. Both also from the Kempen.

Are you curious of this new partnership? Then read on!

What is FreeKickPro®?

FreeKickPro® is a patented innovation. It focuses on the professional training of free kicks. Competition proof resistance is created. FreeKickPro® also collects data on every free kick. This results in important insights for the staff. Who takes the best free kick per zone? From which zones is the team best? Or which ones are not? Which wall setup is most successful for the goalkeeper? Based on these analyses, important choices can be made. These contribute to the team preformance!

FreeKickPro® is the perfect tool! It develops the skills of the players and goalkeepers. It prepares them for crucial situations in the matches.

What is the contribution of Multifix?

When this initiative came our way we were very excited. We invest in the last phase of production. This is the production readiness. Multifix Assembly is responsible for the procurement of the parts. In addition, Multifix will also take care of assembly and maitenance.

This fits in perfectly with the core business of Multifix Assembly. Multifix Assembly specializes in putting together mechatronix and mechanical assemblies. We also take over the complete care of the customer. This includes the puchase of the parts, stock management and testing of all products. We do this before they are shipped from our premises in Bergeijk.

The first FreeKickPro® will be assembled at the end of the first quarter. It will be delivered to no less a person than PSV. An interesting collaboration! It’s also a nice expansion of our product range!

From next season on every free kick in the Champions League will be “Powered by Multifix”.

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In the picture: Co-founder of FreeKickPro® Antwan Rijkers (left) and Multifix CEO Arthur Burgmans (right).