Your partner in parts

Multi-Fix fasteners provides all conceivable mechanical fasteners and related products. Our range consists of more than 40,000 different standard items. Approx. 2000 current items are in stock to a large extent. A standard fastener which cannot be supplied from stock directly will be delivered within a week time.

Furthermore Multi-Fix Fasteners specializes in customized logistics. For example a logistic bin system according to your requirements. By inventory of your needs, we relieve you from all logistical burden. Such as the replenishment of fasteners, related complementary products, and service. Missing out on articles belongs to the past. We reduce your TCO (total cost of ownership) to an absolute minimum.

Multi-Fix fasteners also specializes in customized articles. We will take the required item into production, according to your specifications, and in line with your desired purchase pattern.

Along with the articles from our Business Unit Specials we provide a complete package and be your Partner in Parts.

More information about Fasteners?

More information about Fasteners?

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