“Even in times of COVID-19, MULTIFIX ensures good delivery”

“Even in times of COVID-19, MULTIFIX ensures good delivery”

“I have been told that the relationship between Vencomatic Group and Multifix goes back to the 1980s. Apparently, our founder Cor van de Ven started with materials from Multifix, at that time only fasteners. Now our made-to-measure products come from China”.

Meeuwes Hoekstra is buyer at stable furnisher Vencomatic Group. He has been working with Multifix for four years, the relationship is good: “For me, Multifix is a partner that supplies high-quality products at a good price. The people at Multifix always think along well.”

What does Vencomatic Group do?

“Vencomatic Group is a producer of poultry housing, sustainable and animal-friendly. We started in the 80s with the first automated breeding nest for chickens in the world. Subsequently, products were developed for other types of poultry, such as broilers, turkeys and ducks. All products were developed on the basis of a thorough knowledge of animal behaviour”.

“I have been working there for four years now, which is short compared to many colleagues. I am a purchaser of the electrical part of the materials, I always say ‘anything with a wire hanging on it’. Multifix did not quite fit in with that image at first, but that has changed throughout the years”.

What does Multifix do for you?

“Multifix sources materials in the East for us, especially mechanical specials. They are all articles according to drawings, the drawings come from our engineering department. Of course the quality has to be good, but the price is also lower this way”.

“It does mean that, within limits, we have to buy in larger quantities, but Multifix thinks along with that too. The products of Multifix are used in almost all our products, also in the packaging machines of our subsidiary Prinzen”.

Who do you have the most contact with at Multifix?

“At Multifix, I mainly have contact with Kim Rommers and Rob Hoeks. Kim processes and actively checks all our quantity contracts and purchase orders. She also thinks along well. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be overly guided by our SAP system, Kim is aware of that and makes sure that the order goes well”.

“A good relationship with suppliers is important, especially in Corona’s times, to ensure that the material flow remains guaranteed. China is far away, in theory a lot can go wrong. Sometimes the delivery time is a bit longer, but there is always a solution, for example by allowing the material to fly in. Multifix thinks well with that, solutions can always be found”.

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