“Being a partner means that you will have to continuously challenge each other”

“Being a partner means that you will have to continuously challenge each other”

“I have been working with Multifix for four years now, but the relationship with Ventura started much earlier. Multifix was already producing for us in China, they later took over one of our other suppliers and converted it into ‘Multifix Assembly’.

Arjen Bos is Team Leader Technical Strategic Purchasing at bus part supplier Ventura Systems, he attaches great value to a strong relationship with suppliers like Multifix: “For us, the acquisition was a surprise at the time, but in the end we are happy with it. It gives us certainty that it is now one solid group company with a broad delivery package, with strength in logistics”.

What does Ventura Systems do?

“Ventura was founded in 1994 by Jeroen de Nooijer and Jan Lont, they were colleagues at a train door manufacturer at the time and decided to start their own business. They started in a small shed to develop drives for a Dutch bus builder. Because of the strong growth of the company, they often had to move to another location. We have been in our current building for four years now, it has already been extended once and there are even plans to extend it again”.

“With 200 colleagues worldwide, we produce innovative door systems for public transport buses. But also increasingly for autonomous vehicles, which you sometimes see at airports. Our market is stable and transparent, the doors are also used much more intensively than, for example, the doors of a coach bus. That requires a certain specialism, which we have in house.”

What is your role at Ventura?

“I started out in Sales, later I went on to do the marketing. When a position became vacant in purchasing four years ago, I applied for it. I am now Team Manager of the Technical Strategic Purchasing department, there are five of us. We make long-term agreements with suppliers for our organisation, who we monitor and select. Including Multifix”.

“The relationship with Multifix is excellent. We go quite far in the relationships and agreements with our suppliers. Because we don’t produce anything ourselves, we are partly dependent on our suppliers. We sell, develop, assemble and test customer-specific systems; we do not have any production machines ourselves. Our suppliers must therefore offer quality and reliability, Multifix meets these requirements. In the past, we have had a few delivery problems, but we always make each other better as partners. That is the basis for a good relationship.”

Who do you mainly work with at MULTIFIX?

“We mainly work with Ruud Willems, he is our direct contact. We also have a lot of contact with Toon Vercammen and Niels Weijers, and in the background we are supported by Kim van de Ven and Kim Rommers. And if necessary, we have contact with Arno Heesters, the commercial director. I like that: Frisians are proud, but so are Brabanders. This sometimes results in friction, but also in reinforcement”.

“Multifix is very service-minded. What distinguishes them is the broad assortment in combination with perfect logistics, which gives a large degree of stability. Because of the broad package, there is perhaps less product knowledge, but there is a lot of speciality in logistics and assembly. This translates our customer’s wishes well, because at Multifix they can do that as the best”.