Unique concept

Multi-Fix Assembly is the specialist in cable manufacturing and complex assemblies where mechanical products, electrical products or a combination of both is processed

We buy single products and process them into (sub) assemblies. Monitoring quality along the way, from incoming goods until the finalized product you are assured of the quality you require. This combination relieves and takes care of business that customers need nowadays and gives a lot of flexibility in the productionprocess.

Our approach is unique: Based on a close partnership, we are the partner for a complete assembly process.

With production facilities in the Netherlands, Eastern Europe and Asia, which meet the highest quality standards and are audited by our own organization, it is possible to provide you with the best combination in terms of prices and delivery time. With Multi-Fix Assembly you choose the specialist in mechatronics that provides you with quality in all respects.

Lead by integrated approach

We can handle the entire process for you. In order to offer a favorable combination in terms of price, quality and delivery time, we work from the following principle:

Initial purchase
We buy directly from reputable manufacturers and realize the best possible combination of quality and price levels.

Incoming goods inspection
After a thorough quality control inspection received goods are released for production.

Products are assembled by highly qualified personnel. Quality is key.

Quality inspection of the final product

Is established by the presence and function of components, so you can install products directly without further verification. Possibly we provide each (sub) assembly of a unique identification number associated with measurement report.

According to your specifications.

Stock control
In consultation we can manage your inventory.

According to the principle ‘a deal is a deal’ in which we can rely on an excellent delivery reliability and speed.

This approach not only ensures optimal quality and efficiency but also allows you to be able to respond promptly to changing market conditions.

More information?

More information?

Contact Eric van Helvoort Telephone: +31 (0) 40 - 206 62 90 E-mail: info@multifix.nl