Assembly in practice: “We take away our customer’s ‘production concerns'”

Assembly in practice: “We take away our customer’s ‘production concerns'”

“Our customer Well-Fair originally bought the products for their beds locally, but they were looking for a better price / quality ratio. We turned out to be the best partner because of our international network and our Fasteners, Specials and Assembly business units. By using this international network and our various production facilities, Well-Fair is guaranteed of the best conditions. We also take care of the entire process, from purchasing components and keeping stock, to assembly and quality control. This provided Well-Fair with the same bed at a lower price. So we take away all the worry. That is the ideal collaboration for us. ”

Ruud Willems is Commercial Manager at Multifix Assembly, he likes to take over work from customers, such as at Well-Fair: “They came to us via Brainport Assembly in Veldhoven. Brainport Assembly assembles the bed, we arrange the supply chain around it and Well-Fair only needs to communicate with us. The bed contains our specials and fasteners, for which we do not compromise on quality and logistics requirements. ”

How does assembly at Multifix work?

“At Multifix Assembly, we take over the customer’s supply chain. We purchase the components for them, which saves them contact with up to 20 suppliers. Ultimately, we also stock the products at our warehouse, so the financial risks lie with us. We also do a final check after the final assembly. The customer only has to buy the product, they don’t have to worry about it.”

“When a customer is interested in outsourcing assembly, we first look at how they make the product or have it made. We discuss where we can buy supplies; sometimes they still have ongoing contracts with their current suppliers. We will then source the products within our international network, from the Netherlands to China. For example, we check the entire bill of materials, also in the field of electronics. Based on a calculation sheet, we calculate what the entire bill of materials costs us.”

“There are roughly three options in assembly by Multifix:

1 The customer supplies, we take care of the assembly;

2 We take over the work of current suppliers, or stocks from the customer;

3 We purchase based upon samples from the customer, in our network in China for example. But when a customer has good suppliers, we also use them.

The goal is to ultimately take care of the complete supply chain.”

Multifix Assembly has moved?

“We are now located in a beautiful and spacious new building in Bergeijk, much better than before in Geldrop when we were still called Essit Assemblage. We had grown quite a bit in a small space, now we have enough space for the time being. It is also nice that we are close to the other colleagues of Multifix, for consultation, for example. Now you just grab the bike, in the past you had to drive for half an hour.

“I have been working for Multifix Assembly for six years now, starting from Multifix as a salesperson when the plans to take over Essit were made. In the beginning I also had to do all sales administration, I was a kind of a project manager for the customer. I like it here, the company is ambitious but very informal, exactly what I was looking for. You are not a number here, everyone listens to each other.”

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