Administrative work at  MULTIFIX: “Perfect job at a fine company”

Administrative work at MULTIFIX: “Perfect job at a fine company”

“I have been working at Multifix for almost two years now. I used to work for a large company, but I was looking for an employer who is involved and where you do not feel like a number. I certainly don’t have that feeling at Multifix, the employees are appreciated and they keep you informed”.

Sylvia van Gerwen has been a Financial Administrative Assistant at Multifix for two years now, she likes her job: “I don’t regret the move, my situation has really improved. That’s in small things, such as a chocolate letter for Saint Nicholas. It doesn’t have to be big, it’s just nice that they think about it”.

Do you also have a background in administration?

“No, not really. I originally wanted to become a hairdresser after secondary school, but I decided otherwise. Then, as an animal lover, I went to a school for the animal world: the Green School. That was a very practical training, I ended up at a horse jumping stable for practical experience. However, I usually had to work there when others were free, so I decided to stop there too.”

“In the end, I went to a small company to do the administration. I learned a lot from that and I did a training in the evening hours. In most of the jobs I got after that, I mainly had administrative roles. I really like administration, especially in combination with working at Multifix”.

What does the job of financial adminstrative assistant involve?

“At first I only did accounts payable, but now I do everything: from bank books to invoicing. My range of tasks has broadened considerably, which also gives me more variety in my work. Because I’m so short on time, I can carry out my tasks well, I actually do everything but financial controlling. It’s all very interesting.”

“Corona doesn’t pose many problems for my work, although our invoices aren’t digital yet and so I can’t work 100% from home. Normally there are six of us in the department, since the Corona measures we are at most two in order to keep enough distance. I notice that the bond with the other colleagues is declining, which is a pity. But rules are there to follow.”

Do you live close to MULTIFIX?

“I was born and raised in Valkenswaard, but I have had a relationship with Koen for four years now. He is Belgian and comes from Wijchmaal, Peer. Since six months I officially live in Belgium and I have just received a declaration that I can stay here for five years”.

“We don’t have children but horses, those are our children, haha. I have a pony with which I ride recreationally under saddle and my friend has two Haflingers running in front of the carriage. Six months ago we also bought a Brabants draught horse that can ride in front of the carriage as well as with a saddle. I was looking for a friend who also loves horses, so you have a common hobby”.”So I can really say that Multifix is a good employer. They involve you in everything and the communication goes well, especially through the new app. I have indicated that a photo gallery would be nice, so that you know who your new colleagues are and/or will be. So that you also recognise them when they come to the department and you don’t just walk past them, haha”.